Mastered complexity

Today's complexity has reached a new level both quantitatively and qualitatively in a global context of disruption, acceleration, and fragmentation leaving no parts of our lives untouched. Individuals and organizations are facing tremendous challenges and the key to survival is more than ever adaptation. In this very demanding context, fast adoption and deployment of relevant technology is paramount. Since 1995, ADVANTYS works with organizations worldwide to address complex business processes with optimal engineering and tools. By leveraging the latest technological stacks including low-code development platforms and fast prototyping tools, ADVANTYS designs process-oriented solutions with a high level of integration.

Meeting very specific requirements

ADVANTYS implements solutions for customers with critical projects and a very high level of requirement in terms of customization, integration, reliability and deadlines. Our customers generally come to us because they have not found satisfactory answers to their specifications with traditional market offers, whether industry-specific software, ERP or custom development. All the business applications implemented integrate many human interactions orchestrated by precise rules, automation via system actions when possible, integration with central applications of the information system such as ERP, CRM, DMS and other repositories.

High performance technological environment

ADVANTYS develops solutions based on a selection of tools and technologies characterized by: The user experience via simple and refined interfaces, facilitating support for change and natively web and mobile compatible. The compatibility with modern authentication methods facilitating single sign-on and deployment to on-premises virtualized servers or private clouds. The use of low-code solutions allows a rapid design of the application while maintaining a great freedom of customization, the addition of advanced controls and the management of the integration with the client's target ecosystem.