Our achievements

In the mid-nineties, ADVANTYS was among the very first vendors to successfully develop web-based applications (Internet and Intranet) for corporate users. ADVANTYS developed the ability to quickly transform clients' requirements into a robust, reliable and user-friendly solution. Today, thanks to its agile and highly adaptive structure, ADVANTYS is able to thrive in the hypercompetitive software industry and is proud to have been chosen by some of the most prestigious global corporations for strategic implementations.


In 1998 ADVANTYS released its first software solution: PubliGen. This web-based content management solution was then deployed by more than a hundred organizations and is still used daily by thousands of users. As a software provider, ADVANTYS had to develop reusable web components for its own use. In 2000, the company decided to share some of these components with the ASP developer world community. The aspSmart line of products was made available online, and the free aspSmartUpload component instantly became a 'must-have' and was downloaded by tens of thousands of developers worldwide. In 2003, the needs of ADVANTYS' clients shifted towards collaboration. An online collaboration tool (eGroupGen) and workflow software (WorkflowGen) were released that year. By combining content/portal management and collaboration, as well as workflow and development, ADVANTYS released the Smart Enterprise Suite (SES). ADVANTYS became one of those rare vendors to offer all these components from the same source. In 2004, Gartner USA listed ADVANTYS' SES in its Magic Quadrant, along with prestigious vendors like Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Today WorkflowGen is used worldwide by more than 500 organizations including several Fortune 500 companies with global deployments.

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